T Mobile Start Home Internet Service In Las Vegas

News3LV has reported a new internet service by T Mobile is to set up for Clark County an surrounding areas challenging others for broadband customers in South Nevada.

Prices start from 50 dollars and no installation fees, it is aimed to target existing providers in the area.

using internet to work and market from home

Download speeds are estimated at 25mbs to 50mbs with slower upload speeds, whether this is fast enough for anyone working at home delivering digital marketing services is still a question mark until tested.

The rural nature of some areas near Vegas sometimes means that wireless solutions are the best and with 5g shortly on the horizon, do you sign up new to broadband or wait for 5g?

Covid19 Housebound

For many businesses in Las Vegas, Covid19 has brought them to their knees especially in the travel sector, which so much of Vegas economy is based. But some e-commerce businesses have continued to do well, during shutdowns and restrictions. There also has been an increase of stay at home entrepreneurs starting new online businesses, either to compensate for lost earnings elsewhere or an understand that Covid19 may have changed the landscape forever.

Having a good reliable internet connection is crucial to all digital marketing agencies anywhere in the world, but especially in places like South Nevada where distance and smaller communities can slow down connections.

Hopefully this new T Mobile service will add another layer of competition to the market and encourage others to offer better speeds and better service and it is the Las Vegas residents and small businesses that benefit from it.

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