How Social Media Inspires Families In Waste Management

We may look at Social Media as a business tool, but it can help change the world too as reported by Nevada Business, the 100 day of recycling.

social media imspired waste management

Whilst we are in Covid times, we still need to think about our planet, so Waste Management of Nevada came up with some fun ideas to keep responsible recycling in the minds of school children and families. During Oct 2020, their northern Navada Facebook page was full of ideas and creative projects to inspire, for children to work on. The project was named Wast Management 100 days of Recycling.

Activities were posted on their Social Media platforms, to encourage participation, where photos of engagement can be uploaded and a prize at the end.

Of course it need not stop here, social media is an ideal way of engaging children as it is not about just telling them how it is, but involving them in the process as an influencer. Taking photos of how their waste was disposed of and separated into different recycling bins for example. How items are packaged and how we can reduce waste in the home and business.

It is great to see how the state of Nevada are dealing with climate issues through social media, however it is been seen as a worldwide solution to communication.

Using Worldwide Social Media to Communicate Climate Issues

Tabatha Whiting wrote how the Blue Planet 11 affect helped strengthen the facts of climate change. The Google searches that occurred after the broadcast of the TV documentary was immense, then a follow up with shares and follows of related content helped spread the word even further.

The reaction on Twitter during the last episode went to an even higher level, with comments that moved away from praise of the TV program to “We Must Take Action”. An important key here is that the message went beyond the already converted and moved to those, who were not engaged in climate issues, changing many peoples thoughts and behaviour.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London or the North Pole, using online social media can bring people together with the same beliefs and goals, but in some cases can change behaviour that could contribute to saving the world.

There are estimated to be over 3.4bn people using some social media platform in some form or other. This is a huge marketplace to sell your idea, raise awareness or even empower people to positive change.

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