Promoting Vegas Through Video Marketing

If you are wondering if video marketing can help your business, a lesson could be to look at how Las Vegas uses it’s media to promote the city to tourists and investors. Come on lets be honest where would Vegas be without its visible attractions, it cant be all words. The same rules apply to most businesses, their future customers want to see as well as read what their unique selling point is. Lets look at how Vegas uses video to sell itself, either on TV, YouTube, Tik-Tok and other platforms.

promoting vegas video marketing

All The Reasons To Visit Las Vegas

This video really show the lights and colour of Vegas though the moving lens. Some “from above “ shots at night-time, either from a helicopter or drone shows the “Strip” at its best. It then switches to th internal one mile inside shopping mall, then a note of 150,000 hotel rooms, with a video sweep of a typical room. This all promotes the city that never sleeps like a must visit destination. Those on vacation sipping drinks by the pool, the monorail and the music waterfalls of the Bellagio all adds even more drama to this marketing video.

You can see how words by themselves could never catch this visual spectacle.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Promo 2020

This promo video uses previous footage to show how this weekend will take you back to the 1950s where rockabilly music was in fashion. It shows the attendees all dressed up, rockabilly bands, vintage cars and market stalls where visitors can buy items related to that period. Again this marketing video show what can’t be said with words and the visual moving pictures makes the viewers wan to be there. Extremely powerful marketing. It give the viewer the impression, that they would be transported back in time should they visit the weekend event.

Vegas Is Now Back Open

This final video has a very important message for the time writing during covid-19. It shows the day in June 2020, where Vegas opened again for Tourists. At only 30 seconds long, it shows someone switch a large switch and one by one, all the Vegas attraction light up again. This visual message of pulling a switch sends a huge message to world, that Las Vegas is open again. The visual impact of video marketing can dramatically send marketing messages other types of media just can’t.

How This Type Of Marketing Can Help Your Business

There is no reason why video marketing can’t also help your business, just look at the results. It may also be surprising that it need not cost that much as you think . At Visibilitybam we have the equipment and the knowledge to develop cost effect video campaigns. We will look at your brand and  unique selling point and find a way to visually present it to be appealing to your customers. Then I can be shared across all online video platforms and use on TV if required

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