Analytical Data and Metrics

In all forms of marketing, analytical data and metrics are critical in order to ensure a good return of investment. There are some great tools and platforms being used within the digital industries to help maximise that return and understand the trends. We use all these platforms below and more.

Google Analytics

The starting point for any website owner wanting to know the information from their traffic. It is free and simple to set up and delivers stats such retention times, bounce rates and even the devices being used to visit your online pressence. 

Google analytics also represents the data Google is collecting from your website adnd using for its own algorithm. A must have for all campaigns. you can look at

  • Sales Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Bounce Rate
  • Device Used
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Search Console

Another must have digital platform, provided free from Google. This is especially useful for technical SEO, to help understand the faults of your site, what pages are live and which are not, indexing and coverage.

Again, this is the info, Google sees, and you can connect this to your Analytics, to form a complete picture.

  • Pages Indexed
  • Remove Pages
  • Sitemaps
  • Mobile Indexing
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SEM Rush

A very popular 3rd party tool that offers useful information for all in the digital industries.  Data such as comparing keywords to top performaing competitors, broken internal links, ideas for better performance etc.

  • Organic Search
  • Keyword Manager
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • On Page SEO checker
  • Position Tracker
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Link Building Tools


A tool to study the backlink profiles or your competition to come with strategies to reverse engineer. 

Ahrefs uses their own DR (domain rating) calculation to assist in determining the power of a backlink


Another 3rd party backlink stidying tool, which uses their own DA (domain authority) calculation which aims to mirror, how Google sees a link. 

Easy to use and has one limited enqiry as day for free.

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Very simple broken link tool, which is downloaded to your PC. It will scan your website (or any other) and then index broken links either by page or by link. Free to download


Checks for plagarism, to ensure the content on anyother site is not copied and is sufficiently unique. Not only is there a legal issue to this, but search engines prefer unique written content. A subsciption service, or a few free checks..

Google Adwords

When ranking your website is too inconvenient or expensive, you can go down the Google Pay Per Click Adword route. Here you pay a set amount of money everytime someone clicks on your prepared advert, either on the top, side or bottom of the natural search results. However you can also use this tool to identify high earning search terms..

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