How Local SEO Can Help Las Vegas Businesses

A simple answer to this is to ask, how do your search for any Las Vegas business? Chances are you go to Google, type in your search term and “heh presto” and ideal set of results appears for what you are looking for? But how do these businesses appear on the first page for that search term? The answer lies with local SEO, where everything is set up not only for local search terms but for mobile devices also.

Local SEO Helps Business

The thing to understand here, is Google uses your location to help understand where you are and what the likely answer is to your search term. If you were to search for “Digital Marketing in Las Vegas”, you would get those relevant enterprises that are located in that city. But just suppose the search term was “Digital Marketing Company”, how would Google know what companies to show in search. But by using your location on say your cell phone, Google would show local results.

So How Do Companies Rank For Local Search

The first place to start is adding a website to Google My Business (GMB). This listing includes the companies address and postcode. Google can then use this data to make a connection with the search. The second thing to do, is add the address to Google maps or to more precise ensure the pin matches the location of the business on the map itself, for a visual reference. In theory now any customer can ask for direction to that business.

Ironically there are many experiments to show, that if different people from different cell phones, search for your business (or if a business were to show up in results), then uses the direction (sat nav) function to directly got to that business, the GMB ranking can drastically improve.

The third thing is to ensure there is lots of local Las Vegas content within the website, to the point Google understands this is a local business. Using Schema can also help Google understand this is a small business website.

Finally, if the business is located in several places, having a separate page for each location, can help for each instance.

All these small differences, can help with a local SEO campaign and are slightly different to a national campaign. Bearing in mind South Nevada and Clarke County covers a huge area, local search may be more distant than other cities in the USA.

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