Nevada Today – Effective Websites Can help Businesses Survive

Claudene Wharton reported within Nevada Today on a great idea to set up some online workshops for the businesses of Nevada, on the subject of connecting with their customers through digital media during these covid-19 times.

effective las vegas websites

The workshops ran in July and covered 2 core subjects starting with

“Website Best Practices”, with panellists who led an open discussion on the subject. Clearly knowing the basics of using an online presence to build a brand and give confidence in purchases is key to any successful website. Design, call to action, menus, welcoming and informative content are all things to discuss.

“Digital Marketing Basic Concepts, Social Media and Business Development”, how important this now is to develop a business. The concept of Social Media, traffic, conversion and retention, all key aspects of a successful campaign.

Be Proactive Take Orders Online

Mask wearing customers are the best many “Bricks and Mortar” companies are attaining at present, so being proactive and taking more orders online is a clear solution to most.

So what do the panellists mean when they mention informative content? It means to avoid the spam and repetition you sometimes get with a keyword stuffing process. Where the objective is to present as many keywords into an article as possible. The content meeds to be useful to the reader, which will engage them to stay longer on the site, click to more pages which improves retention. Each search has “user intent”, so match the search terms and useful content to this intent. Do not fill it with “wishy washy” non sensible words.

At the same time a word heavy page can not appear to be welcoming. Useful images and easy button will help with navigation and of course a good colour scheme. Try if possible not to use “stock images”, most readers know they are not real, try to have some unique ones taken.

More Powerful Than A Website

For some niches, social media can be even more powerful than a website. The ability to post things regularly which a potential customer gets to see, is very useful. But of course this content needs to stimulate the mind and encourage the viewer to engage with it, hopefully to like or share. Most social media is image or video prominent, people need to see the message quickly, otherwise expect them to move on to the next post, think about using online software to create amazing images, to enhance the post.

Do not over post as some will see this as spamming, but at the same time make it regular. Far better 5 posts a week, than a single day with 5 posts then no more, keep it consistent. Try a different message to avoid repetition, at the same time keep it all within the brands theme.

Starting a competition with prizes can really get the numbers flowing, as well as sharing stuff from related but not competitors, so they will do it in return.

Las Vegas, has so much going on, with many colourful opportunities to share, so do not be shy about posting things about where you live and its culture.

These are difficult times and some imagination needs to come to the front, often just to stay afloat. Getting that online marketing right may just get that business through to better times.

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