Brand Marketing With Social Media

Back in 2017 Bryan Kroten (Vice President of Marketing, Maverick Aviation) wrote an interesting article in the, about how social media had changed from previous years and was no longer just a tool to keep friends and family informed, but now was a key asset to market your brand especially in a competitive city such as Las Vegas.

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Trip Adviser and Instagram are now used by 2 million users and to not engage visitors this way, is an opportunity way to big to miss. He claims that in 2017 each internet user has an average of 5.5 social accounts and his traffic has doubled over the previous 5 years due to social media outreach.

The aviation industry that Bryan is in, is more likely to suit the customer who researches before purchasing and often, engaging in social media delivers the answers they are looking for. This of course improves the visibility of the brand also.

Embrace The Social Media Opportunities

Having a travel based business within a huge popular travel destination such as Las Vegas, compounds the need for visibility, especially those outside the USA.

His advice is to embrace Social Media opportunities and use it to share your brand’s voice, something a good agency who delivers digital marketing in Las Vegas would do as a matter of course.

Use the signals that are dleivred from these platforms, such a share, follows and like etc, not forgetting coments. These can be invalable in understanding the consumers undertanding of your brand, then capitalise on it.

Havard Business Review shows how typical forms of marketing such as TV has changed over the decades. Viewers can bypass adverts, or just watch catch up and miss those branded messages. Crowdculture that comes from society can be now be bind people together digitally, bringing geographical distances closer.

Understanding how many YouTube views or Instagram followers, helps form the brand and shape it to the next level.

Brands that you will see down the Vegas strip include national names that spend billions on social media every year, such as Red Bull, McDonalds. Coca Cola, not to mention the many singing artists and bands that reside there. Their whole world of marketing is focused on engaging their followers, rather than a single message advert in the local newspaper.

Comunicate With disapointed Customers

Using social media to communicate with disappointed customers during covod-19,  can be the difference between success and failure when it is all over. It shows empathy, you are missing your customers and that your business is ready to go afterwards.

This social media marketing campaign also shows the world that Las Vegas is still open for business, when we know many are not, keeping interested parties engaged, is a key winning strategy for those planning ahead. How many people who follow your brand and who they are, can identify trends and make you stronger.

This marketing advice is not just aimed at Vegas, it can apply to all in the leisure sector, it is up to you.

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