Are You Getting Your Share Of Search

Whether we like it or not, how people search for services and goods can dictate many Las Vegas companies fortunes. So the question is: Have you got your share of the search?

share of search

We have to stress it is a share, because no-one will get 100% click though rate, at the same time it is not a good strategy to optimize for a search term that has no traffic, or assume everyone knows your brand.

Adele Jolliffe wrote an interesting article about search share and has your moment arrived. She starts off by comparing the 1994 visit to Las Vegas, by the “Friends” TV series cast, being told their lives will never be the same again and that the “Share of Search” as now one of the the most important metrics within digital marketing. It could be compared to the “Share of Voice”, with say general elections, “who is getting heard the most”?

Immediate thoughts are, that those with a bigger brand will typically get a larger share, due to brand searches and clicks on a result with a trusted name. This metric can help a business understand where it stands with the competition, “who does the customer choose to click on”? This brand awareness can be powerful, outside of digital marketing but also with traditional types also.

What Metrics To Look For

  1. What percentage of search does my brand attain?

  2. How has this metric evolved over time, is it decreasing or improving

  3. Compare the above metric against spend and ROI.

When this information is in place, then you cam

  1. Look for opportunities that can create growth
  2. Bring all marketing and advertising together, to understand the power of the brand.

It should go with saying that click through rates, should improve as the brand awareness increases and search spend will then reduce for natural search results, as more people will just search for the brand name rather than a targeted keyword.

Well Known Brands May Need Less Marketing Spend

I got the point, that if “Friends” TV series need little marketing spend, now as its brand is naturally searched for worldwide at huge levels. This could be your business 20 years from now.

Lets be honest, SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing only works if the user knows what to search for in the first place, awareness has to come first. This can be achieved via social media and and more traditional types of marketing. Let Visibilitybam help you increase your share of search

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