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We are based in Vegas  Nevada, on Paradise Road to be precise, with decades of experience, we can help you connect with your customers or other businesses throughout our local regions such as Henderson, Boulder City, Cashman Field and Enterprise. My name is Jamie Claus and I help pull everything together, using all things digital and more. The aim is to maximise the visibility of your online enterprise using different websites, search engines and social media platforms. This is more than just internet advertisng, or something you can read up over the weekend. To get real traffic, from genuine customers real experience and knowledge is needed. We provide digital marketing services within Las Vegas, that takes on even the big boys, but is cost effective to get a return on your investment.
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More About Las Vegas

In case you have lived on some planet in outerspace, you should know that Las Vegas is the party capital of the world, with more hotel bedrooms than anywhere else.

Here are some fun facts

  • The famous “Strip” is not within Las Vegas city limits and in actually within Clark County.
  • Approx. 22,000 conventions happen in Vegas every year.
  • It has more than 50% of the largest hotels in world.
  • Howard Huges bought the “Desert Inn” hotel, when he was asked to leave.
  • The “Sin City”, aslo has on average 315 weddings a day.
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Welcome To The Strip

Yes, this famous long street is famous for the hotels that stand on it, such as

  • Caesars Palace
  • Bellagio
  • Luxor
  • MGM Grand
  • The Venitian
  • New York Hotel
  • Excalibor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Treasure Island 

Local Regions

Fow those who only holiday here, it may be a suprise that this is a large working city tht has every type of business, that any other city in the USA would have. These businesses need to be found and this is where we come in. We cover all local areas, such as Winchester, Enterprise, Henderson, Lone Mountain, Spring Valley, Whitney,  Sunrise Manor and more.

These Zip Codes

89101 89102 89103 89104 89105 89106 89107 89108 89109 89110 89111 89112 89113 89114 89115

89116 89117 89118 89119 89120 89121 89122 89123 89124 89125 89126 89127 89128 89129  89130 

89131 89132 89133 89134 89135 89136 89137 89138 89139 89140 89141 89142 89143 89144 89145 

89146 89147 89148 89149 89150 89151 89152 89153 89154 89155 89156 89157 89158 89159 89160 

89161 89162 89164 89165 89166 89169 89170 89173 89177 89178 89179 89180 89183 89185 89193

89195 89199


There is a great work ethic, with a balanced approach to all challenges that can appear with algo changes and such. We adapt and then replan all strategies to suit.


It has been mentioned a few times within, to be seen though the bright lights of Vegas. There is a lot of white noise out there and it is our job to help you be seen. If you have the vision to be better, than so do we.


Everything we do with you is private and confidential. no black hat tricks or quick wins. We neither use negative SEO or work againsut the conpetition. We win by fair competition and our marketing experience in this field.

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