8 Local Search Rankings Tips For Las Vegas Using GMB

If you are a small business and looking for more visibility online, then Brett Farmiloe wrote an excellent article, 8 local SEO tips to improve local search rankings. It is agreed that some local competitive keywords can be hard to rank for, so a starting recommendation is to consider GMB (Google my Business) profile. A profile can be used to give directions to your business address, local reviews and if done correctly a complete local content package can help a small business compete with larger ones.

8 Local SEO Tips Las Vegas

8 SEO Professionals Were Asked To Give Their Advice

Michael Staton recommended to actively respond to all Google reviews on your GMB profile. This engagement will not only show positive metrics to Google themselves but also deliver a caring attitude your actual customers. No-one should under estimate the value of positive reviews relating to new customers. It shows trust, it is likely the conversion will increase massively, with positive comments.

Kala Centeno suggests your GMB profile should be highly relevant to what you do. Be very precise and detailed covering all the business offerings. You will need to claim your listing first, if you do not someone else may do it for you.

Kenna Hamm wants businesses to request a review. Anyone you have traded with, just ask, “please will you leave me a review”. It is natural to leave reviews when you are unhappy, but how many do it naturally when it is good service. So a simple request, will help increase those numbers and improve your ranking.

Marissa Litner talks more about SEO strategy and mentions to look at the competition and make decisions based on what works and does not. Looking at keywords will help your website be found, don’t forget to use long tail keywords, there are several tools to help, such as SemRush and copyscape.

Grant Ladrich suggest to create city pages within your website that covers all regions you can work. Examples could be Boulder City, Henderson, Cashman and Enterprise all local areas out side of the Las Vegas immediate area. Someone who lives in Henderson is likely to use this city name as a search term, so create a city landing page that captures those searches.

Ben Walker believes that online consistency is crucial to search ranking success. His comments relate to citations, where your address and phone are used within other website content such as directories or local reviews. Your street address, phone number and postcode all need to be consistently the same. If they vary from listing to listing it cause Google confusion or at leas water down the citation.

Brian Cairns is all for Hyper-Localized Content, though keywords and artilces. He also mentions getting links with high DA or DR values with consistent high traffic volumes, to help boost your SEO positions. Make sure you know the local area, the capitalize on it, sharing your local knowledge, where you can within your articles, posts and main content. Use local search terms that incudes state (ie Nevada), Streets (ie Paradise Drive) and zip codes.

Syed Balkhi believes that an understanding of your local customer intention is key to better rankings. Add timings to your Google My Business listing, think about the questions your customers may want to ask including photos of the business front, phone numbers etc. Do you offer warranties, guaranteed prices, why wait for your customers to ask you, know your customers intentions.

Catapult Your Business Rankings

These are 8 great tips to help any small business in the Vegas area thrive above the bigger online properties. The reason why they work, is you would be surprised how many Las Vegas companies just don’t focus on local SEO or do these things to any quality. Setting out a strategy to be better than the competition, can only help catapult your business up the Google rankings.

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